Upcoming Events

  • Society of Mary- Joint Lincoln Wards May Devotion. Saturday May 11th 2013
    12.30pm Solemn Concelebrated Mass. Principal Celebrant & Preacher- Bishop Robert Ladds SSC- Superior General of the Society of Mary.
    Picnic Lunch.
    2.30pm.Vespers of our Lady, Sermon, Procession and Benediction. Preacher- the Bishop of Lincoln.
  • Church Union, CBS & Friends of Waddingworth Church Festival Mass and Barbeque-Saturday July 20th 2013
    12noon Sung Mass. Followed by Barbeque Lunch in Churchyard.
    2.30pm Procession & Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.


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WELCOME to Forward in Faith in Lincolnshire Diocese

You are visiting the comprehensive site for Traditional Anglicanism in Lincolnshire. You will find information about us, our role within the communities of Lincolnshire, the many groups, organisations, societies and churches which hold to the apostolic and catholic faith and order received by the Church of England.

We hope and pray that your time with us will be enriching, offering you answers to some of the many questions about Forward in Faith.

Recent Headlines

The Year of Faith
The Year of Faith ended on Sunday November 24th. In the See of Richborough it was marked by a wonderful series of Services in Norwich, Canterbury, St Albans and Winchester Cathedrals. Also in S. Peter’s Church, Harold Wood in Chelmsford Diocese and in Lincolnshire we hosted the East Midlands Service on Saturday September 14th in Lincoln Cathedral. All were well attended and uplifting occasions. Over 10,000 Prayer cards were distributed to the people in the pews of Richborough churches and Bishop Norman’s Bible Studies were very well received. We are increasingly looking to the new role of The Society of SS Wilfred & Hilda as an Episcopally- led organisation. Therefore with the Catholic Bishops of the Church of England leading it, including our own Bishop of Richborough, we are still in confidence and trust in the Lord, going Forward in Faith.